Smart business card

Goodbye to traditional physical cards and hello to the digital age


Smart business card features

No need for an application

The person you want to receive your information must use a phone that supports NFC

Easy transfer of contact information

You can easily share your contact information such as title, contact number, email and website

Social media sharing

You can easily share all your social media with others


NFC technology

The experience of having a stylish and modern business card

Paper business cards are often thrown away, may be lost or destroyed. But with Smart Business Card You no longer need to carry a lot of paper business cards and by carrying one card From PVC you can share all your information and contact details in just a few seconds. Delta Card is your smart digital business card

  • High quality work class
  • Save money and paper
  • Ability to edit and update information
  • Durable PVC material similar to bank cards
  • No special app needed, just by turning on NFC
  • Support for all Android and IOS smartphones equipped with NFC

An example of how a smart business card works

In this video, you can see how to use and work with a smart business card. Click on the icon above to view

NFC technology

Some applications of using NFC technology

  • Smart business card

    Use as a smart card for personal and business use

  • Instant connection to Wi-Fi

    Fast and instant connection to Wi-Fi without entering username and password

  • Share contact information

    Instant transmission of contact information including name and surname or company name and website address to the phone


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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions and answers

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC one It is a small chip that transmits information through radio waves.

Since you have to attach the smart card to the phone to transfer the data therefore, NFC has high security.

The NFC business card contains an NFC chip in which your contact information is stored. To pure When someone taps your NFC business card with their phone, the contact details as Automatically sent to the device. Just save it and that's it. We can do all kinds put data on the chip, such as social media channels, email addresses, Location and more. Curious about the possibilities? Contact us.

1. Smart business card with exclusive design

2. Smart business card with fixed design

We can program all your contact details on the NFC business card, eg Links to all social networks, email addresses, places and even photos and videos added!


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